Welcome to the inner circle.

We’re so happy you’ve decided to join our book ambassador crew – It’s going to be lots of fun. To start, we have a 3 action items for you 😀


Add our launch date (7th of December 2016) to your calendar.


Join our private Facebook Group – click here.


Share the www.beyondemyth.com website with all the entrepreneurs to know! Post it on your social media, add it to your emails and spread the word. Use the hashtag #beyondtheemyth

Do you have any awesome ideas on how we can spread the word about the book? We’d love to hear them. Simply visit the Facebook group and post your ideas there.

If it’s a good fit, we might get you to spearhead the idea. Thanks again and remember, we’re now making history together.

Note: We’ll be watching our most active book ambassadors and awarding some great prizes! Stay tuned.

Tweet: I just downloaded the preview chapters of Michael Gerber's new book 'Beyond The E-Myth' - you should too: http://ctt.ec/Ibvfc+