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About Beyond The E-Myth

Beyond The E-Myth embraces the fundamental premise of that first book–that a small business only succeeds to the degree its owner goes to work ON the business rather than just IN it, creating the systemic Operating System that makes that business unique in the marketplace.

Beyond The E-Myth expands that conversation with the entrepreneurial small business owner, in a clear, precise, and compelling overview that addresses their main job–inventing, building, and launching a company with the power to “scale”–to grow beyond the “Company of One” in a straightforward, eight-step process.

When asked, Gerber emphatically explains: “I wrote this to make the job of building a small business easy–for every man or woman struggling to get it right. This book cuts to the chase: A company is a product to be sold. Build it right, and you will sell it. Build it wrong, and you won’t. Most small business owners won’t. This book was written to fix that.”

Tim Ferriss

Author The 4-Hour Workweek & entrepreneur.

“Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth is one of only four books I recommend as required reading.”

Jack Canfield

Founder & CEO,
Chicken Soup for the Soul

“I’ve read countless books on businesses. No business authors touched me as deeply as Michael Gerber has. The E-Myth is exquisite.”

Clate Mask

President & CEO,

“Michael Gerber will help you realize your dreams, steer you past the obstacles, and guide you to achievement.”

About the Author

Everyone who knows small business knows Michael E. Gerber – Innovator, Entrepreneur, Author & Thought Leader

The mega-bestselling author of 29 “E-Myth” books, in The New York Times™, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, FORTUNE, Forbes and Wired. The Wall Street Journal named The E-Myth the #1 business book of all time (November 1995) having sold millions of copies and has now been applied in 145 countries, in 29 languages and is taught in 118 universities.

The originator, in 1977, of the small business coaching industry, with his founding of The Michael Thomas Corporation, The E-Myth Academy, E-Myth Worldwide, Michael E. Gerber Companies, since that time having served over 100,000 small business clients. His Dream? “To transform the state of small business worldwide.”

For bulk hardcover purchases (50+ copies), see our big book buy bonuses.